Laboratory Milling of Both Hard and Soft Wheats - LabMill

CHOPIN Technologies has introduced LabMill that allows laboratory milling of both soft and hard varieties of wheat.


  • The LabMill gradually reduces wheat to achieve an extraction rate similar to an industrial mill.


  • The LabMill creates flour that is representative of the wheat being milled.
  • A patented mill diagram has been particularly developed to acquire accurate data on the behavior of the wheat being assessed.


  • The LabMill complies with the ISO 27971 standard (with factory settings).
LABMILL by CHOPIN Technologies (English)


Wheat can be defined by its milling behavior (that is, resistance to crushing and extraction rate) and also by the quality of the flour created. The LabMill from CHOPIN Technologies has been developed to assess both these criteria.

The LabMill is employed in the laboratory to predict the behavior of wheat in the industrial mill, and to assess its extraction ability and the quality of the flour created.


For Wheat Breeders

Wheat breeders can use the LabMill with as little as 50 g samples of wheat.

For Millers

The LabMill enables millers to choose the variety of wheat and to make blends. It also enables millers to adapt settings, optimize tempering, and more.

For Ingredient Specialists

The LabMill can mill up to 3.5 kg in a single pass, for bread-making tests.

For Control Laboratories and Research Institutes

The LabMill performs reproducible and repeatable milling that is representative of the quality of wheat implemented.

For Universities, Schools, and More

The LabMill allows schools and universities to provide wheat milling education with a tool representative of industrial practices (smooth cylinders, grooved cylinders, sifting, etc.).

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