Multi-Purpose Infrared Whole and Powdered Grain Analyzer - Infraneo

CHOPIN Technologies’ Infraneo is a versatile infrared whole and powdered grain analyzer.


  • Includes multiple parameters such as Zeleny test, humidity, protein, ash content, oil, and gluten
  • Examines whole grains and powders
  • Stores results to memory


  • Exceptional repeatability (the operator does not impact the results)
  • Monochromator transmittance analysis


  • Sample preparation (grain) is not required
  • The measuring cell can be automatically selected based on the product being analyzed
Infraneo (English)


Next-generation grating monochromator has been incorporated into the Infraneo analyzer.

Combined with Self Adjustment of Monochromator (SAM) technology, the Infraneo analyzer achieves unrivaled levels of accuracy and stability in this type of hardware (needs self-adjustment following transportation).

Due to the PLS open calibration system, trained users are free to design or improve their own calibrations.

By combining durability with suitability for an extensive range of applications, the Infraneo analyzer is ideally attuned to the needs of bakers, millers, and grain elevators.


  • All phases of the milling process can be effectively controlled
  • Commercial transactions can be verified
  • The grain quality, such as specific weight, moisture and proteins can be controlled

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