Measure Dough Tenacity, Extensibility, and Elasticity - Alveolab

The Alveolab from CHOPIN Technologies quantifies the tenacity, elasticity, extensibility, and baking strength of the dough.

International Reference

  • Standardized analysis (AACC 54-30, ICC 121, NF EN-ISO 27971, and GOST 51415-99) for commercial transactions
  • Water absorption (WA), baking strength (W), elasticity (I.e.), extensibility (L), and tenacity (P)

Accurate and Easy to Use

  • All-inclusive software with a simple yet contemporary and intuitive interface
  • Automated and fully regulated test conditions (hygrometry and temperature)


  • Potential to alter the test parameters to produce personalized procedures, for instance, by varying the duration and intensity of the mixing process
  • New analysis procedures and new results to fulfill the requirements of the wheat sector
Alveograph (Alveolab) - English


The Alveograph test involves creating a test piece of dough, which changes into a bubble under air pressure. Such a process recreates the deformation of the dough when subjected to carbon dioxide gas during fermentation.

The Alveograph test involves four major steps:

  1. Combing salted water and flour
  2. Preparing five calibrated parts of dough
  3. Putting the dough pieces to rest
  4. Automatically inflating every piece of dough until the ensuing bubble bursts


For Storage Operators

  • An international reference can be used to secure the buying and selling of flour and wheat
  • Wheat quality can be monitored upon reception
  • Insect-contaminated wheat can be detected
  • Wheat can be selected and classified depending on their future use

For Bakers

  • New compositions can be tested
  • The conformity of incoming flour can be monitored
  • Additives can be controlled

For Millers

  • The flour can be adapted for its final use by precisely quantifying improvers and additives
  • Wheat and flour blends can be optimized
  • Different flour fractions can be controlled
  • Can be used on durum wheat (Triticum durum): semolina protocol (standard UNI 10453)

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