Next Generation NIR Instrument - SpectraStar 2600 XT

Unity Scientific has introduced its next-generation NIR instrument called SpectraStar™ 2600 XT. This latest instrument has the sample handling and wavelength range required to manage a wide range of constituents and complex sample types and returns test results in 30 seconds.

High Performance

The SpectraStar™ 2600 XT is based on Unity Scientific’s True Alignment® Spectroscopy—a patent-pending technology that accurately calibrates the XT to first principle standards and subsequently tracks and preserves the alignment to ensure trouble-free, consistent analysis.

The SpectraStar™ 2600 XT uses the standard NIR wavelength range, spanning from 1100 nm through the NIR region of up to 2600 nm, offering adequate coverage for a majority of applications. This enables a direct and complete transfer of calibrations from FOSS, NIRSystems, Bran+Luebbe, Thermo, and Bruker systems.

Easy to Use

The SpectraStar™ 2600 XT is integrated with UScan™ software—an innovative software package that features a reliable database and an intuitive graphical interface for data management. Thanks to a 17" touch screen, samples can be easily analyzed in just a couple of finger touches.

Versatile Sampling Options

The SpectrStar™ 2600 XT-R has a rotating top window design that offers the highest sample handling flexibility. Both sample cells and devices are available that enable the analysis of coarse and fine ground powders, liquids, and slurries.

At-Line Ready

All SpectraStar™ XTs are appropriately sealed and do not use any cooling systems or fans, which means filters or routine maintenance are not needed. The SpectraStar™ XTs have been developed for use in at-line for process control and laboratory settings.

Pre-Calibrated or Custom Applications

Many well-known applications are available as pre-calibrated analyzers that have “plug and go” capability. An unlimited number of other applications are also available as custom calibrations or starter calibrations.

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