Seebeck Coefficient Electric Resistance Measuring System from ULVAC Technologies

Thermal power generation is a method of generating power based on the thermoelectric effect which was discovered by J. T. Seebeck, German physicist in 1821. In the face of recent global warming caused by carbon dioxide and depletion of fossil fuels, thermoelectric conversion devices are attracting attention because of its effective utilization of waste heat energies. To meet these pressing requirements, ULVAC-Riko has developed a characteristic evaluating instrument for these materials and devices.


  • One unit can be used for simultaneous measurement of both Seebeck coefficient and electric resistance (resistivity).
  • The instrument permits measurement of both 6-to-22mm long prism and cylindrical samples.
  • The sample holder uses a unique balance contact mechanism, permitting measurement of high reproducibility.
  • V-I plot measurement can be made to judge if the lead is in intimate contact with a set sample.
  • Measurement is controlled by a computer, permitting automatic measurement with each temperature difference at a specified temperature and elimination of dark electromotive force.
  • Measured raw data is saved in text format.

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