SimpliVac for Processing Castable Metallographic Samples

Buehler has just launched the SimpliVac™. It is the first programmable, castable mounting system to expedite materials sample preparation in inspection or manufacturing quality control laboratories. It can be employed in laboratories which deal with testing component samples or small material parts in additive manufacturing, thermal spray coatings, electronics, composites, and other specialty surface treatments.

It needs less set-up time and reduces processing time, so this robust casting system will free up the metallographic or quality control lab technician to carry out other tasks. The game-changer is that it is completely programmable and enables processing samples without human interference via multiple cycles.

This will make a particular difference for innovative manufacturers who are working with lightweight, composite, additive, and surface-treated materials in medical devices, electronic, aerospace, automotive, and other key industries.

Depend on its Reliability to Maintain Edge Retention and Run Fully Automated Cycles

Using a compressed air source, this system quickly and efficiently pulls a vacuum to evacuate trapped air from any porous sample, resulting in optimized edge retention and additional support for processing delicate samples.

The digital SimpliVac is easy to operate with an intuitive interface that is easy to set for multiple cycles. This greatly increases effectiveness, and as the only machine on the market able to run multiple cycles without user interference between cycles there is both efficiency and quality improvement. Buehler’s innovations continue to lead industry expectations and this one will not disappoint.

Alicia Burns, Product Manager, Buehler

Easy to Set and Forget; Also Handles Large Samples

The SimpliVac Vacuum optimizes sample impregnation in a more automated, quicker way. It also enables lab technicians to set a number of cycles to reduce the time it takes to complete the mounting process.

Due to its oversized chamber and sample tray insert which creates a large flat surface for larger mounts, SimpliVac is also able to accommodate larger samples.

It is easy to see inside the large chamber as it has a large clear lid, which enables simple alignment of samples when pouring. The integrated turntable permits bi-directional movement of the samples when aligning. Additionally, it has locking controls which prevent inconsistent samples because of user error.

Accessories are available and depend on the process, as the SimpliVac can also be used without pouring under vacuum. For labs that are concerned about sample quality, dispensing under vacuum leads to optimized sample impregnation per lab results. For operation, a compressed air source is needed.

Despite the most advanced and “programmable” equipment available on the market, vacuum cycling has mostly remained a manual process. This process needs user intervention between every vacuum cycle before shifting to the next one, leading to additional technician time for sample processing.

To date, Buehler has designed the only fully programmable unit specifically for vacuum impregnation. This unit enables cycling with constant sealing and does not require user interaction across numerous cycles.

With the help of SimpliVac, users can now run a total of 10 cycles without making any contact with their unit and thus saving valuable time.

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