Rotary Evaporation System: 12L ECOCHYLL X3

Ecodyst has launched the EcoChyll® X3 rotary evaporation system, which has been designed for evaporation and high-speed solvent recovery in small- to medium-sized labs. This system is considered as the strong benchtop cooling system for botanical extractions.

The EcoChyll® X3 is based on the same pioneering technology as that of Ecodyst’s disruptive EcoChyll® range of evaporators, it closes the gap between small-footprint lab equipment and the full-scale, high-throughout substitutes.

Thanks to its compact form factor and a capacity of 12 L, EcoChyll® X3 is the perfect supplement for rotary evaporators and short path distillation laboratory equipment.

The EcoChyll® X3 is regularly utilized downstream of botanical extractions through ethanol, CO2, or BHO. The system is equipped with twin metallic condenser coils that enable it to perform continuous direct cooling of incoming vapors in an eco-friendly and efficient way.

The main performance indicator of the complete EcoChyll® series of lab equipment is the capability to save operator time, thanks to low-intervention needs.

The EcoChyll® X3 allows researchers in smaller facilities to automate their processes, thereby eventually saving money and time with no compromise on the quality of their outputs.

EcoChyll® X3 Continuous Cooling: Key Advantages

  • First-class evaporation rates
  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Economical as it avoids the need for a costly rotary motor with overhead stirring
  • Continuous sample feed valve guarantees constant operation
  • User-friendly, with easy product drainage that does not need huge evaporation vessels to be removed

Continuous Cooling Lab Equipment from Ecodyst

The main goal of Ecodyst is to revolutionalize the conventional rotovap market with an innovative technology that sets reliability and efficiency front-and-center. The EcoChyll® series of products is the outcome of steadfast research and development into constant cooling for botanical extractions in facilities of all scales.

The EcoChyll® X3 delivers on multiple fronts, meeting the requirements of operators in small- and medium-sized facilities equally well.

Users looking for a secure, low-volume tankless evaporator for lower throughput extractions can opt for the 5L EcoChyll® X1 tankless evaporator.

Being a pioneer in continuous cooling technologies based on metallic condenser coils, Ecodyst’s products could considerably enhance the everyday operations of users. If users would like to obtain more information, they can just contact a member of the Ecodyst team.

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