Back Reflection Laue Crystal Orientation System

The back-reflection Laue system from Photonic Science enables real-time crystal orientation down to an accuracy of 0.1°.

Thanks to PSEL software, misorientation measurement can be performed down to 0.05°.

Two-dimensional orientation mapping of polycrystalline silicon wafers can also be performed.

The system can be used to perform high-throughput sample screening and heavy-duty sample orientation up to 20 kg in production settings.

System Details

The Photonic Science back-reflection Laue system enables real-time crystal orientation down to an accuracy of 0.1 degrees by delivering an intense X-ray beam of below 0.3 mm on the sample. The electro-optical properties of single crystals strongly depend on crystallographic orientations.

The LAUE tool gathers a high-resolution X-ray diffraction pattern from the single crystal. From this pattern, the optimal crystallographic plane cut can be chosen with excellent precision.


Table 1.

<200 μm beam size For small crystals
Motorized stages Allows scanning along the growth axis
Motorized gonios Direct compatibility with synchrotron / Neutron facilities set up
Manual gonios Direct compatibility with cutting tools


Table 2.

<200 μm beam size Works with small grain polycrystalline structures
Large scanning linear stages Allows automatic wafer or multiple sample mapping
Motorized Z stage Allows compatibility with large rod/samples
Manual gonio Allows seed orientation down to +/- 0.02-degree accuracy



  • X-ray generator with maximum brilliance
  • Laue X-ray detector
  • Manual or motorized goniometer as well as high precision stages
  • Laue alignment software
  • Joystick or laser distance sensor
  • Video camera for viewing or positioning sample

Laue Image Alignment Software

  • Diffraction spots are automatically detected and the spot position is estimated against reference crystal
  • Stores angular measurements in CSV format for quality assurance traceability later
  • Automatically evaluates misorientation against goniometer and crystallographic axis (no manual fit of deformed patterns)
  • Python-based software enables remote access control from present software or system by making use of socket commands
  • Top to bottom end user menu enabling stepwise validation of the orientation procedure for non-initiated crystallography users

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