High-Performance AAS for Routine Laboratories: novAA 800

The novAA 800 Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS) instrument offered by Analytik Jena US is ideal for routine use in analytical service providers and industrial QC laboratories.

The instrument combines automation, reliability, and versatility, rendering it an economical and highly efficient workhorse for your laboratory.

  • Enhanced workflow, thanks to a high degree of automation and streamlined operations
  • Reliable with a 10-year long-term warranty on optical components
  • AAS applications—graphite furnace, flame, and hydride technology, all available on a single platform
  • Performance-enhancing accessories are available for efficient analysis

novAA 800

The Analyzer for Users—High-Performance AAS for Routine Laboratories

  • Simple—user-friendly ideas enable easy handling
  • Cost-effective—maximum performance at low operating and investment costs
  • Robust—integrated sampling and dilution ensure high throughput
  • Reliable—ingenious design and powerful components ensure stable measuring conditions

Top Efficiency for Routine Analytics

The novAA 800 series Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS) instruments allow fast routine analysis of moderate sample quantities across a range of concentrations. These instruments are extremely user-friendly.

Whether it is graphite furnace for cost-effective trace analysis; flame technology for easy and robust routines; or hydride technology for enhanced detection of mercury, selenium, and arsenic, the novAA 800 provides the solutions to fulfill your requirements.

Featuring an ingenious design and sophisticated technologies, the system can streamline sample handling, enhance accuracy, and acquire a lower cost per sample:

  • A wide range of performance-enhancing accessories, like a USB camera, switching valves, and a scraper are available
  • Novel SiOSens chip detectors for high-performance testing of all sample matrices in emission and absorption modes
  • Transversely heated graphite furnace technology with a novel temperature tracking system for enhanced analytical precision and a prolonged lifespan of the graphite tubes
  • Autosampler with over-range dilution is perfect for unattended operations.

High-Performance AAS for Routine Laboratories—novAA 800

High-Performance AAS for Routine Laboratories—novAA 800

High-Performance AAS for Routine Laboratories—novAA 800

High-Performance AAS for Routine Laboratories—novAA 800

novAA 800 Series

Users can select the best model that suits their requirements.

novAA 800 F

AAS for Flame and Hydride Technology

The flame AAS allows efficient and economical routine analysis of elements across a broad range of applications.

High-Performance AAS for Routine Laboratories—novAA 800

novAA 800 G

AAS for Graphite Furnace and Hydride Technology

This low-cost trace analyzer has been developed for recurring measurement tasks.

High-Performance AAS for Routine Laboratories—novAA 800

novAA 800 D

AAS for Flame, Graphite Furnace, and Hydride Technology

This all-rounder instrument comes with an automatic atomizer change for flame, hydride, and graphite furnace technology, making it perfect for routine laboratories with changing needs and moderate quantities of samples.

High-Performance AAS for Routine Laboratories—novAA 800


  • Environment
  • Chemicals and materials
  • Food and agriculture
  • Geology, mining, and metals

ASpect LS Software Package

The ASpect LS Software offers easy, routine handling through a user interface that has excellent flexibility. It makes analysis easy and simple. Software functions and modules help fulfill all legal standards and requirements.

  • Good laboratory practice (GLP): Control charts for statistical quality control together with notifications whenever defined limit values are surpassed—all to maintain comprehensive quality
  • SOPs for easy method development
  • Conforms to FDA 21 CFR Part 11

Safety First

Various sensors continuously track all safety-relevant parameters:

  • Automatic control of all gas flows
  • Electrical safety
  • Highest operating safety in flame mode
  • Unattended operation, such as overnight, in graphite furnace mode


Performance-Enhancing Accessories Improve Precision and Sample Throughput

Performance-enhancing accessories allow users to address the challenges posed by complex matrices in a graphite furnace, flame, and hydride modes.

  • Easy handling of matrix-rich samples: Switching valve technology - SFS 6.0
  • Autosampler for routine overnight operation and high sample throughput
  • Automatic burner head cleaning: The Scraper
  • Hydride systems for the detection of mercury and hydride-forming elements
  • Intuitive method development for the graphite furnace: USB oven camera

High-Performance AAS for Routine Laboratories—novAA 800

High-Performance AAS for Routine Laboratories—novAA 800

High-Performance AAS for Routine Laboratories—novAA 800

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