High-Frequency In-Vacuum Cables—to 40 GHz

Allectra has specifically designed two feedthroughs—the 242-SMAD27G and the 242-SMAD40G—for high-frequency signal generation and detection in-vacuum (HV/UHV). The feedthroughs enable up to 27 and 40 GHz frequencies, respectively.

To complement these, Allectra has launched the 380-SMAK range of new K-type SMA cables for in-vacuum use.




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Cable type Semi-rigid
Connector specification SMA(K) – 2.92
Cable diameter 2.10 mm
Cable material CuSn, Tin-soaked braid
Inner conductor Silver/copper-plated steel, 0.53 mm
Dielectric PTFE
Impedance 50Ohm
Capacitance 95 pF/m
Test voltage (cable) 3 kV
Max. frequency 40 GHz
Attenuation:  @ 5 GHz 
                      @ 20 GHz
1.6 db/m
 3.61 db/m
Max. temperature - 

165 °C
200 °C
380-SMAK-MM-500 500 mm length SMA cable, with SMA K-type connectors on both ends
380-SMAK-MX-1000 1000 mm length SMA cable, with SMA K-type connectors on one end, other end open
380-SMAK-MM-300 300 mm length SMA cable, with SMA K-type connectors on both ends
  Other lengths with 2 connectors, or 1 connector and the other end open-ended are available on request


Technical Background

SMA, or sub-miniature version A, connectors were developed specifically for radiofrequency signals with a frequency of 18 GHz and an impedance of 50 Ohm. The precision 2.92 mm, or K-type was created to access greater frequencies of 46 GHz. The thread stays the same while offering higher precision around the inner conductor.

In the case of lower frequencies, users can use standard BNC or SMA connectors and cables, such as 380-SMA-MM-500.

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