Digital Permeameter from Gincor E&P Solutions

Laboratory equipment of analytical degree, used to measure the gas permeability from cylindrical rock samples, its measurement principle is Darcy’s Law for linear flow in compressible fluids.

The design of the Equipment allows easy handling, effective measurements and accurate results. Its high quality components offer a long-lasting product, minimum maintenance and maximum reliability.

The permeameter comprises:

  • Measurement Module: composed by pressure transducers, mass flow controllers, programmable digital displays, pressure gauges, 316 stainless steel flow lines, and external quick connectors that support the use of core holders to perform analysis at high confining pressures on samples of different sizes or making a special configuration to measure the Klinkenberg permeability.

  • Core Holder: Radial Hassler type quick sample to load and unload, for rock samples of 1,5” diameter x 3” Length, confining pressure up to 10.000 using mineral oil and a manual pump.

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