In addition to standard designs, Thermcraft also manufacture custom furnaces built to exact specifications. Their team of highly knoweledgeable Sales Engineers will work with you through the entire process of configuring your custom furnace.

Furnaces can be supplied with material load - unload manipulators or various vibrating or auger type material feed equipment. Designs are available with temperature ranges up to 1700°C (3092°F) in air, or higher temperatures with inert atmospheres. Options include pneumatic openers, view ports, standard controls and PLC controls, just to mention a few. If you can imagine it, Thermcraft can build it

The furnace pictured here is only one example their capabilities in designing and building special purpose equipment for a variety of manufacturing requirements. A more complrehensive list of furnaces that they can build is provided below, with each system designed and specifically built to meet the needs and requirement of the customer.

Service teams are available for on-site service work when needed. Systems are available as a turn-key package with installation and start-up by Thermcraft personnel upon request. Furnace rebuilding is also available either at their manufacturing facility or onsite at your facility.


  • Tube Furnaces
  • Front Loading Box Furnaces
  • Walking Beam Furnaces
  • Mesh Belt Conveyor Furnaces
  • Rotary Hearth Furnace
  • Bridgman Crystal Growing Furnace Systems
  • Car Bottom Furnace
  • Bottom Loading Elevator Hearth Furnace
  • Custom Drying Oven Project

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