PicoOS™—A Proprietary Full Stack Operating System and Process Control Software from Picosun

PicoOS™ from Picosun is the company's own, proprietary full stack operating system and process control software developed specifically to allow unified control of PICOSUN® ALD modules and cluster systems through one general human-machine interface.

Technical Features

  • Unified HMI is provided for the scheduler, process modules, and instrumentation
  • Users can edit/create recipes any time at the time of tool operation
  • Scalable and freely configurable editor available for ALD process recipes and processing jobs
  • Graphical interface ensures easy and intuitive operation, maintenance, and configuration
  • Process data logging down to 20 ms rate
  • Trend data can be exported
  • Wafer mapping
  • Automatic substrate handling and processing 
  • Substrate transfer and equipment control interface for module integrations
  • Complete alarm and event logging with one general event log for the entire platform
  • SECS/GEM support
  • Improved recovery features
  • Clean-up and maintenance sequences provided to accelerate maintenance
  • Access rights can be set for different user levels
  • Safety instrumentation, safety logic, and interlocks provided for safe operation
  • EtherCAT-based communication offered for MFMs and MFCs
  • Designed keeping in mind future opportunities: IoT, AI, Industry 4.0
  • Extensive array of host connections, for example, OPC-UA (not restricted to SECS-GEM)

Image Credit: Picosun

Picosun’s in-house software team has developed PicoOS™ operating system and process control software particularly for the company’s completely automated production ALD equipment Morpher and Sprinter. This software will be applied to all PICOSUN® ALD tool platforms in the future.

PicoOS™ guarantees the most optimal control accuracy and precision, the quickest service times, and the best user experience for the customers of Picosun.

PicoOS™ integrates separate ALD module, wafer handling and transfer system, and instrumentation control under a single common graphical human-machine interface (HMI). This guarantees simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use operation, maintenance, and configuration of the entire PICOSUN® ALD cluster. PicoOS™ allows complete factory integration through SECS/GEM protocol.

PicoOS™ is developed around data. It offers process data logging down to 20 ms rate, and all available data is stored in real-time in a simply accessible database, from where it can be exported for analysis in the future. Maintenance procedures are expedited by particular clean-up and maintenance sequences integrated into the software.

PicoOS™ comes with a freely configurable and scalable editor for making and storage of ALD process recipes and processing jobs, which enables recipes to be edited or new ones to be made any time during the ALD system operation.

Configurable user levels and safety logic, instrumentation, and interlocks ensure safe usage in daily operations, and enable complete access to tool management under maintenance conditions.

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