Custom Designed Recirculating Industrial Ovens from Thermcraft

Standard and custom designed industrial ovens are available from Thermcraft in either batch or continuous types. Sizes range from bench top to industrial truck ovens in single or double door styles. Ovens may be either electric or gas fired.

Pictured is a walk in industrial oven featuring: heated chamber: 77" high x 72" wide x 120" deep; forced air recirculating system; with maximum operating temperatures of 260°C (500°F); and available with electric or gas fired heat source. This is just one examples of the type of oven Thermcraft can custom build for you.

Some examples are of the types of industrial ovens that Thermcraft can build to suit your applications are listed below.

  • Recirculating truck Ovens
  • Walk In Oven
  • Glass Industry Oven
  • Table Top Shelf Oven
  • Front Loading Double Oven
  • Shelf Oven
  • Front Loading Oven
  • Floor Model Shelf Oven

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