The BI-XDC Particle Size Analyzer from Brookhaven Instruments

The BI-XDC (X-Ray Disc Centrifuge) Particle Size Analyzer from Brookhaven Instruments offers both centrifugal and gravitational sedimentation in a single instrument, bringing these well-established techniques of particle sizing up to date with the current generation of fine particle technology.

X-ray technology provides error-free measurements, allowing users to obtain quick and precise size distributions across the 'one-micron' transition region.

With the help of a single instrument, users can now achieve true high-resolution, precise particle size distributions ranging from 10 nm right up to 100 μm. The latest scanning detector technology and a wide disc speed range from Brookhaven Instruments allow users to improve analysis times and extend the range of samples that can be examined.

With the Brookhaven BI-XDC Particle Size Analyzer, users no longer have to worry about optical corrections and optical properties, except for an easy mass sensitive response based on X-ray absorption.

Normal runs take 3 to 30 minutes and are based on the range of particle size to be determined. Real-time advancement of the experiment is mapped on the screen. Standard plots contain cumulative and differential distributions of particle sizes that are weighed by surface area, volume and number on logarithmic and linear scales.

Up to six plots could be overlaid for comparison purposes and additional tabular and other options of display offer customized reports for an extensive range of purposes, such as SPC charts. A menu of data files enables simple analysis of various experiments.

Features at a Glance

  • Easy operation
  • Precise and quantitative
  • Overcomes mixtures
  • Range—10 nm to 100 µm
  • Clear text and graphical reports
  • Scanning head for excellent speed
  • X-ray detection—no optical corrections are needed

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