The Nano-focus X-ray Inspection System for Wafer Level Packaging (NF120)

The Nano-focus X-ray Inspection System from SEC is equipped with a Nano-focus Tube of 200-nm resolution, which is dedicated to semiconductor packaging and wafer level packaging (WLP), where sub-micron defects need to be detected.

NF120(200 nano resolution) X-ray Inspection System

The system can accurately trace and inspect damaged areas by precisely moving the axis with an anti-vibration table.

Wafer bump automatic inspection is available throughout Oblique CT / Cone Beam CT.


  • Non-destructive analysis system for wafer level packaging
  • High-resolution image with dual-type CTs
  • Application Processor, RAM, PKG Chip, Wafer Level


Source: SEC

*Options: Wafer stage, Detector Change/Additonal Installation

**Options: EFEM Installation for Wafer, AXI Program 

Image Credit: SEC

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