Custom Ceramic High Temperature Insulation - Fibercraft from Thermcraft

Various insulation types and configurations are available to meet your specific requirements. Semi-cylindrical insulation is available to add additional insulation to cylindrical and semi-cylindrical heaters. Board insulation is available to add insulation to flat plate heaters. Fiber blanket and formable insulation can be used to provide additional insulation without the rigidity of the other insulations.

Sizes and shapes available are almost endless, from flat boards and flexible blanket, all the way to complex CNC machined insulation shapes like those in the picture.

Some examples of insulation that Thermcraft can supply include, but are not restricted to are:

  • Flat plate fiber heaters with board insulation added to form insulated box unit
  • Flat Plate Ceramic Heaters with Fibercraft™ Board Insulation
  • Fibercraft™ Board Insulation
  • Fiber Blanket Insulation
  • Insulation with Vestibule
  • Insulation Without Vestibule
  • Insulation Package Without Vestibule
  • Fibercraft™ Moistened Formable Insulation

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