ASU: An Automated Liquid Sampling Unit

The Automated Sampling Unit (ASU) enables direct, online, automated sampling of liquids or slurries from reactor systems.  It supports extraction of up to 6 samples per unit, ranging from 0.2 to 2 ml in sample volume, at user-defined intervals.  It is completely integrated with H.E.L’s powerful labCONSOL control platform, enabling it to be used seamlessly with H.E.L’s reactor systems, on both small and large vessels.  It also has options for incorporating quenching and dilution, enabling full automation of the experimental procedure and thus releasing operators to focus on other responsibilities, effectively accelerating development time.


Safe and Easy Automated Removal of Liquid or Slurry Samples from any Size Reactor

  • Cross-contamination is avoided.
  • Dilution or quench included.
  • Viability of liquid and slurry samples.
  • Built-in touchpad controller.
  • Six or more (with several units) samples, at user-specified intervals.
  • labCONSOL software control enables regular data logging. The software adds a responsive intelligence to the system and still delivers an intuitive interface that needs only minimal training to run quickly.

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