The QUALI-STREAM®: A Wet Process Chemical Controller for IC-Substrate and Advanced PCB Manufacturing

The QUALI-STREAM® online analyzer from ECI Technology allows more rigorous control of the wet surface treatment processes during the manufacture of sophisticated IC and PCB substrates.

The QUALI-STREAM® analyzer automatically quantifies the components in the wet surface treatment tanks and transfers the data in closed-loop control with the fab and/or the process tool for improved replenishment and process control.

Various concentration controls can be extended by choosing many analytical techniques based on the users’ plating solutions.

Control Etch Rates

Optional automated sampling, analysis, and replenishment of solutions for:

  • Electroless copper-plating solution analyzer (Cu, HCHO and NaOH)
  • Desmear (NaOH and MnO4)
  • Nickel electroplating solution (for watt bath) (H3BO3, pH, Cl and Ni)
  • Nickel electroplating solution (sulfamic acid bath) (H3BO3, pH, Cl and Ni)
  • Gold- plating solution (Au and pH)
  • Catalyst liquid (Pd)
  • Developer and cleaning solution (NaOH)
  • Processing liquid (Au)
  • Conduction treatment liquid analyzer (Cu)
  • Electroless Pd-plating solution (Pd)

The controller is compact and can carry out several functions analogous to the full-size, higher-grade QUALI-FILL® LIBRA chemical monitoring and management system available from ECI Technology.

Key Features

Automated Analysis

The QUALI-STREAM® analyzer samples chemical solutions and investigates the concentration of chemical solutions. The resultant data is sent either through an optional external data communication network or a USB.

The data is estimated using ECI Technology’s proprietary software and the concentration of the processing solution is corrected to the preset value. The analytical cells and sensors are cleaned and readied to allow the commencement of the subsequent sample analysis.


Metrology support for numerous process tools and chemistries include the following

  • pH
  • Spectroscopy
  • Titration
  • Density meter
  • Surface tension
  • Conductivity

Key Benefits

  • Particularly designed for the latest substrates and is quick and extremely low cost for each analysis—AiPFlip Chip (ABF material), RF, SiP, PCB and IC substrate markets
  • Process solution sampling through direct sampling or a recirculation line
  • Contributes to technology developments, less process solution, cost reduction and lower labor costs for both analysis and replenishment
  • Decreases chemical use and increases bath age with excellent performance (reproducibility and precision)
  • ECI Technology is a leader with field-proven technology integrated with simple integration into the users’ production line

The QUALI-STREAM®: A Wet Process Chemical Controller for IC-Substrate and Advanced PCB Manufacturing

Image Credit: ECI Technology

Technical Specifications

  • AC: 110 to 264 VAC 50/60 Hz, and 15 A
  • Dimensions: 673 (26.5″) width x 840.7 (33.1) height x 342.6 mm (13.5″) depth
  • Safety interlocks are available
  • Data communication: Multiple communication protocols such as Serial, RS-232, TCP/IP and SECS/GEM
  • Optional Bulk Refill
  • Conforming standards: CE, NFPA 79 and SEMIS2-S8 (optional)

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