iSpect DIA-10 Dynamic Image Particle Size and Shape Analyzer from Shimadzu

Shimadzu has introduced the iSpect DIA-10 Dynamic Image Analyzer that provides a complete solution to particle size and shape characterization. Apart from particle size and shape analysis, the analyzer can perform image analysis, number concentration and foreign object detection.

The iSpect DIA-10 delivers unprecedented efficiency and reliability for particle detection using a highly specific imaging area through which particles flow.

Featuring an economic, low-cost design, the iSpect DIA-10 needs only minimal laboratory space and reduces the consumption of samples and solvents

Key features include:

High Efficiency Particle Detection System

The iSpect DIA-10 utilizes a microcell with a narrow and highly specific imaging area to achieve an imaging efficiency of more than 90%. This means that more than 90% of particles from the sample are captured by the camera and observed.

Highly Accurate and Precise Optical System

The optical system increases analysis accuracy and precision. The system uses a telecentric lens to maintain a constant image magnification. This means that the particle images are independent of depth perception, and the size and shape are accurately captured. The autofocus function eliminates the need for manual focusing and reduces user variation.

Trace Sample Measurement

The system only requires a sample size as small as 50 μL which makes it ideal for trace sample analysis. Sample can be collected into a beaker on the back end of the analysis and rerun, making it a cost-effective option when sample is limited. In addition, the overall small dead volume greatly reduces the amount of solvent required for post-run cleaning.

Compact Design, Versatile Functionality

The iSpect DIA-10 offers five different analyses in one, compact instrument. This design allows users to maximize their lab space, while decreasing operational costs and reducing solvent consumption.


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