The SELPA Scanning Electron Particle Analyzer

COXEM has expanded its range of electron microscopy-based analysis tools with the latest SELPA particle analyzer.

The SELPA particle analyzer has been developed to accommodate large samples measuring up to 100 mm in diameter, and it can precisely and quickly inspect large areas using both EDS and image analysis.

SELPA is capable of detecting and analyzing particles, categorizing them by chemistry and morphology, based on an existing database. Apart from regular particle analysis tasks, the SELPA particle analyzer is also perfect for GSR, metal inclusion inspection, cleanliness analysis, and asbestos and mineral analysis.

The SELPA particle analyzer also comes with an optional air sampler to enable fine dust analysis according to air pollution process test standards.

SELPA is powered by COXEM’S 4th Generation NanoStation™ software and features an array of automatic functions that speed up analysis and streamline operations. Features, such as Auto Brightness/Contrast and Auto Focus, help create high-quality images quickly and easily, while variable pressure mode helps inspect a majority of samples with minimal preparation.

For more data, customers can contact their local COXEM representative, or visit the company’s website.

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