CP-8000 Cross-Section Polisher

COXEM has introduced the CP-8000 Cross-Section Polisher that further expands its range of sample preparation tools.

The CP-8000 uses an argon ion beam that provides clean and accurate cross-sections, thus making it a perfect solution for preparing specimens for analysis in WDS, SEM, EBSD and EDS.

Unlike traditional mechanical polishing that tends to damage the surfaces of delicate samples, an ion mill works at the molecular level and prevents surface scratches or distortion that can suppress clear and accurate imaging. Since no chemicals are used, the sample chemistry does not change.

The CP-8000 Cross-Section Polisher also has a tilt range of 40° to 80°, an adjustable accelerating voltage between 1 and 8 kV and can mill at speeds up to 500 µm/hour. The system can be controlled from a built-in touch panel display and can prepare large cross-sections similar to those of FIB but at a relatively lower cost.

For more information, customers can contact their local COXEM representative, or visit the company’s website.

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