Low Mass Vacuum Formed Ceramic Fiber Heaters - Fibercraft from Thermcraft

The Fibercraft™ low mass vacuum formed ceramic fiber heaters are a heating element and insulation together in one complete unit. These heaters are manufactured using high quality, high purity ceramic fiber with a low sodium inorganic binder. They are offered with maximum operating temperatures of 1100°C (2012°F) or 1200°C (2192°F). .

The Fibercraft™ advantages include lower operating costs, increased radiant energy, longer life, low heat loss, more energy efficient, faster heat up, greater temperature uniformity, faster recovery rates, reduced process cycle time, less maintenance, faster cool down, less installation time, and greater productivity.

They are avilable in cylindrical or semi-cylindrical configurations and use a helically wound iron-chrome-aluminum wire partially embedded in the ceramic fiber. Leads can be standard (single strand) or braided (two strands twisted). The heaters are available with intregal vestibules with the opening sized to meet the need of the application.

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