Selective Adsorption Analyzer (SAA): Gas Delivery System and Precision-Controlled Breakthrough Analyzer

The Micromeritics Selective Adsorption Analyzer SAA is an advanced gas delivery system based on the technology of PID Engineering and Technology—a Micromeritics company.

The analyzer is generally referred to as a Breakthrough Analyzer due to its potential to generate breakthrough curves. The main components of the system comprise mass flow controllers, temperature control, vapor sources, blending valves and a sample column for assessing adsorbents.

  • Minimized 'dead volume'
  • Automated
  • Proprietary mixing valves
  • Accurate temperature controls
  • High-pressure applications (10 bar)

The basic process for assessing an adsorbent candidate involves the activation of the adsorbent (usually degassing under increased temperatures). This is followed by flowing a combination of vapors or gases via the column containing the adsorbent, and then tracking the composition of the effluent gas from the column containing the adsorbent.

The amount of gas adsorbed can be established from a basic mass balance by using the mass flow penetrating the column, but without the mass flow of components leaving the column. This variation is the adsorption or accumulation of components from the gas phase.

Features and Benefits

  • System scalability helps expand capabilities over time by adding detectors and other optional accessories (for example, GC/MS, mass spectrometer and others, which are available on request)
  • Minimized and optimized 'dead volumes'
  • Proprietary blending valves offer significant advantages for gas mixing and reduces system 'dead volume'
  • The sample column is accommodated in an accurately temperature-controlled hotbox, which is specifically significant for preventing condensation of vapor streams and maintaining a constant temperature
  • Simple column design with excellent flow controls facilitates the use of multiple gases with highly controlled blending


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