In-Situ Catalyst Characterization System (ICCS): Advanced Catalyst Characterization Tool

Comprehensive Catalyst Characterization

The in-situ Catalyst Characterization System (ICCS) from Micromeritics is an advanced catalyst characterization tool that enables users to study the effect of a reaction on crucial parameters, like the number of active sites under accurately controlled, process-representative conditions.

The ICCS has been designed as a standalone accessory to complement all dynamic laboratory reactor systems, including the MicroActivitySystems. It adds two new capabilities—Pulse Chemisorption and Temperature Programmed Analyses (TPx).

These techniques, which are popular and time-tested, can now be carried out on a fresh catalyst and subsequently repeated on a used catalyst, without having to remove the material from the reactor. This allows an in-depth comparison of the catalyst, specifically the number of active sites, both before and after use.

Users can gain by receiving both pulse chemisorption data and temperature-programmed analyses for the same aliquot of sample employed for reaction studies. Since the analysis is carried out in-situ, the chances of potential contamination from moisture and atmospheric gases, which may otherwise damage the active catalyst and affect data integrity, are prevented.

The ICCS Incorporates:

  • A highly sensitive, high-precision thermal conductivity detector (TCD) to track changes in the concentration of gases flowing into and out of the reactor
  • An internal cold trap, equipped with a Peltier system for a precise temperature control range from 20oC to 65oC, facilitates the removal of condensable fluids (for example, water produced during the reduction of oxides)
  • An interactive reporting and control system with an intuitive and versatile graphic user interface enables streamlined experimental design, command sequencing and result analysis
  • Precise gas control (pressure control is through the reactor system) is achieved with two mass flow controllers

To Enable:

  • The application of a wide range of tests, such as pulse chemisorption, oxidation (TPO), desorption (TPD) and temperature-programmed reduction (TPR) and optionally physisorption
  • The safe, comprehensive and efficient characterization of specimens under process-representative conditions of up to a maximum pressure of 20 bar
  • Multiple characterizations of the same sample of catalyst, following reaction or regeneration to inspect reaction, regeneration and deactivation mechanisms

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