Dynamic Sorption Surface Area Analyzer: Measuring Surface Area Using the Flowing Gas Method

Micromeritics’ Flowsorb III uses the flowing gas method to measure surface areas. This method involves a constant flow of a mixture of inert and adsorptive gas over the sample at atmospheric pressures.

The Flowsorb III offers both single-point and multi-point BET surface-area measurements with reliability, speed and precision. Samples with surface areas ranging from 0.01 m2/g to more than 1,000 m2/g can be accommodated easily.

  • Accurate and high-speed surface area analysis
  • Appropriate for a broad range of surface-area measurements
  • Includes both analyzer and preparation in a single instrument

Features and Benefits

  • The ultra-stable detector prevents drift and the need for continuous readjustment
  • Single-injection calibration needs only a single control setting; can be adapted to any non-corrosive adsorbate mix
  • Similar to other instruments, a cold trap is conveniently placed in front versus side placement; this placement minimizes the chance of breakage
  • Robust construction for day-in and day-out operations
  • Integrated sample preparation
  • All displays and controls are located at the eye or arm level, and out of the spill zone

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