Optical Pumping with Diode Lasers

Today, diode lasers have become a popular source for optical pumping, thanks to their wavelength versatility and unparalleled wall-plug efficiency.

Monocrom now offers a wide range of laser pumping solutions that include single emitters, laser bar arrays (horizontal and vertical stacks) and emitter arrays (mini-bars and laser bars).

  • DYE
  • Titanium–sapphire (Ti:Sa)
  • Optical parametric amplifier (OPA)
  • Optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification (OPCPA)
  • Optical parametric oscillators (OPO)

Technical Specifications

Source: Monocrom

Wavelength 808 nm (Nd:YAG)
960/1450 nm (Er:YAG)
785 nm (Tm:YAG)
Possible host materials:
Power <250 W /laser bar (CW)
<500 W / laser bar (QCW)
Nd / Er / Tm / Ho / Yb
Rod diameter 3 mm – 10 mm  
Suitable for Ti:Sa -> SHG – Nd:YAG (CW/Q-switched)
DYE -> SHG – Nd:YAG (CW/Q-switched)
OPO -> SHG/THG – Nd:YAG (CW/Q-switched)
OPA -> SHG/THG – Nd:YAG (CW/Q-switched)
OPCPA -> SHG/THG – Nd:YAG (CW/Q-switched)


Pumping Sources

Medium- and high-power laser diode pumping units have green and near-infrared wavelengths. These units have been developed for life-science, medical, entertainment, and industrial applications.

Users can create or amplify their diode-pumped solid-state laser systems with Monocrom pumping sources, which ensure a high level of reliability and confidence in all fields of application.

Optical Pumping with Diode Lasers

Image Credit: Monocrom

Laser Pumping Heads

A range of laser sources are available for optical pumping, at continous wave (CW) and quasi continous wave (QCW) operating regime. For customized laser pumping solutions, customers can contact Monocrom.

 CW Pumping Source CW – 120/300.

CW Pumping Heads – 120/300/900. Image Credit: Monocrom

QCW Pumping Units 450/1800/9000. Image Credit: Monocrom

Pumping Units 3600/5400.

QCW Pumping Units with Electronics 3600/5400/9000. Image Credit: Monocrom

Other Equipment