ETi-300: Advanced Eddy Current Tube Testing Instrument

The ETi-300 from Ether NDE is a sophisticated eddy current tube testing instrument that tests non-ferrous tubing from the inner diameter (ID). It functions in the most demanding environments and simultaneously delivers reporting functionality and excellent inspection results.

Eddy Current testing has been long approved as a highly efficient, rapid, and effective inspection technique for investigating huge quantities of non-ferrous tubes present in a standard heat exchanger.

The ETi-300 along with its analysis and reporting software is perfect for condenser inspection and heat exchanger applications in the transportation, power generation, oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.

The ETi-300 and Ether’s range of software solutions provides a new end-to-end solution for tube inspectors. The inspection process not only involves recording the data of the ETi-300 but also works with a software suite of solutions, which helps enhance on-site workflow and offers quick and precise reporting.

Ether NDE offers the following features as part of the Tube Inspection suite of solutions:

  • ETherMap is the Data Analysis software utilized for the ETi-300
  • TMR Mapping enables tube map templates creation for inspection planning with the help of photographs, drawings, or quick manual entry
  • TMR Reporting processes the examined data, converting it into a useful and informative report

ETi-300: Advanced Eddy Current Tube Testing Instrument

Image Credit: Ether NDE Ltd.

ETi-300: Advanced Eddy Current Tube Testing Instrument

Image Credit: Ether NDE Ltd.

Industries and Applications

  • Oil and gas
  • Power generation
  • Flaw detection
  • Tube inspection


Data Analysis and User Interface

ETherMap is not just employed as a data analysis tool but also as the main user interface to the head-less (no screen) instrument. This multifaceted software has been developed for direct connection with the latest Ether NDE instruments, where it can help control and receive live inspection data in the field, or work with data recorded earlier.

EtherMap is considered to be an intuitive user interface for the ETi 300 operator, with the ability to process and analyze data on its own or as an integral part of the end-to-end offering with TMR. Upon integration with TMR, users can perform Tube Map design, analysis, inspection, and report generation.

EtherMap main analysis window.

EtherMap main analysis window. Image Credit: Ether NDE Ltd.

Inspection Planning with TMR ET*

Advanced Tube Mapping Software

Ether NDE collaborated with Talcyon Pte Ltd to deliver sophisticated Tube Mapping Software (TMR), the first of its kind in feature and usability to offer the best user experience for tube map design and report generation.

Tube Mapping Software (TMR) is an intuitively designed solution bearing in mind the operator and tube inspection task. It has been specifically designed to create an accurate layout and labeling of tubes on a tube sheet.

Users can upload a photograph or schematic diagram of the tube sheet, generate a map of the tube sheet, or assign a number to each of the tube openings. The “tube sheet” offers a graphic representation, which enables the already measured tubes to be tracked and ensuring efficient workflow, labeling, and mapping.

*Under license from Talcyon

Create tube inspection maps from photographs or schematics.

Create tube inspection maps from photographs or schematics. Image Credit: Ether NDE Ltd.


ID Bobbin Probes

Ether NDE develops and manufactures an extensive range of ID (Internal Diameter) Differential Bobbin probes:

  • Cable lengths ranging from 3 to 30 m
  • Probe diameters ranging from 7.5 to 150 mm, available in steps of 0.1 mm
  • Integral probe cables that can be disconnected
  • Frequency ranging from 2.7 kHz to 1 MHz, with center frequencies of 2.7, 10, 24, 76, 190, and 400 kHz

Report Creation with TMR ET*

Automated Report Creation

A swift reporting software has been designed to handle data collected from different inspections, with the ability to deliver inspection data in easy-to-read formats. A simple user interface helps generate reports, while fully customizable reporting and output can be easily configured.

Report templates are viable to save time and it is possible to easily create and populate them by just placing elements with a “drag and drop” method. Both customized and exclusive reports can be delivered with the report-building software features to customize users’ reports.

*Under license from Talcyon

Fast reporting software designed to manage inspection data through templates of custom content reporting.

Fast reporting software designed to manage inspection data through templates of custom content reporting. Image Credit: Ether NDE Ltd.


  • Two probe inputs and four frequency channels available
  • An all-in-one end-to-end tube inspection solution
  • High-impact-resistant aluminum enclosure
  • Developed to satisfy IP66 requirements
  • Superior battery life exceeding 12 hours
  • Availability of adapters for competitor probes
  • Two years of warranty as standard, and an extension until five years available with EtherCover


  • Eddy current operating modes
    • Eddy current single-probe frequency
    • Eddy current dual-probe frequency
    • Eddy current one probe up to four channels (for example, three frequencies bridge differential and one frequency absolute; or two frequencies bridge differential and two frequencies absolute)
    • Eddy current two probe up to two channels each (for example, dual-probe each with dual-frequency bridge differential)
  • TMR Automated Reporting software is user-friendly and customizable
  • TMR Tube Mapping software maps from schematics or photographs
  • ETherMap intuitive user interface for tube inspection data capture


Source: Ether NDE Ltd.

Part Number Item
ALL12-Z04SB Accessory, Adapter, 12-Way Lemo to 4-Way Amphenol (ZETEC Bridge Probes)
ALL12-J06P Accessory, Adapter, 12-Way Lemo to 6-Way Jaeger (HOCKING Bridge/Reflection Probes)

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