Online Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) System: QSight® SP50

PerkinElmer’s QSight® SP50 online solid phase extraction (SPE) module enables easy sample clean-up, enrichment and concentration, thereby eliminating the need for detailed and laborious sample preparation procedures.

SP50 enables simple and efficient switching between conventional, direct-injection UHPLC analyses and completely automated online SPE with sample pre-concentration, thereby enabling improved throughput and cost savings.


The QSight®SP50 automated sample handler forms the basis of the system. It is a high-precision UHPLC autosampler that has been developed specifically to not only precisely initiate samples from a range of vial formats but also organize the flow switching needed for online SPE.

The QSight®SP50 High Pressure Dispenser™ (HPD) is accountable for executing the precise delivery of conditioning, wash and load solvents at regulated flow rates, at pressures ranging up to 300 bar.

The HPD enables selecting up to 9 solvents, thereby enabling one to develop the optimal sample preparation technique. Users can complete the system with the QSight LX50 Solvent Delivery module and the QSight LX50 column temperature module to make the ultimate high-performance UHPLC-SPE system.

Ultimately, all instrument control and online SPE coordination are completely executed through the Simplicity™ 3Q software, offering unparalleled user-friendliness, irrespective of the analysis being executed.

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