Titanium Copper Alloys

Titanium copper from JX Nippon Mining & Metals is a copper alloy having titanium as the primary additive element. Benefits include high strength together with excellent bend formability and stress relaxation resistance. Its properties are much better compared to those of beryllium copper alloy, which has long been a representative standard for high-functionality copper alloys.

Connectors and camera modules are mainly used in electronic devices like personal computers and smartphones, benefitting from the high strength and workability. As a result of its excellent stress relaxation resistance, its use in automotive connectors has increased over the past few years.

As applications grow and the properties demanded by the customers turn out to be highly advanced, the company intends to continue the technology development towards enhancing properties and extending the alloy lineup, so that such requirements can be addressed in a timely fashion.

JX offers NKT322, its own product with higher strength, and C1990HP.

Titanium copper alloys are beryllium-free ultra-high-strength copper alloys. They possess more strength than phosphor bronze, thus expressing higher contact force when used as small contact terminals.

Titanium Copper Lineup

Titanium Copper Alloys from JX Nippon Mining and Metals

Image Credit: JX Nippon Mining & Metals 

Alloy name Composition  Features Applications
C1990 Cu-3Ti High strength, superior stress relaxation resistance Connectors, switches, jacks
Hyper Series
Cu-3Ti Strength and bend formability superior to conventional titanium copper Connectors, switches, jacks
C1990HP Foil (Titanium
Copper Foil)
Hyper Series
Cu-3Ti A Hyper Titanium Copper foil product that
has the highest level of strength of any copper alloy
Connectors, camera modules
C1990HC Cu-3Ti Electrical conductivity superior to conventional titanium copper Connectors, switches, battery terminals, jacks
NKT322 Cu-3.2Ti-0.2Fe Strength (Yield strength) of 1 GPa or higher, along with excellent bend formability Connectors, switches, jacks

Source: JX Nippon Mining & Metals

Application Examples

Image Credit: JX Nippon Mining & Metals


  • Titanium copper is extensively applicable as a mill-hardend beryllium copper substitute
  • Titanium copper is a copper alloy that consists of the highest level of stress relaxation resistance and can maintain contact force even at elevated temperatures
  • Contributes to enhanced connection reliability of connectors and electrical components utilized in high temperature surroundings

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Titanium Copper Alloys from JX Nippon Mining and Metals

Image Credit: JX Nippon Mining & Metals


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