Treated Rolled Copper Foil

The Treated Rolled Copper is a tough pitch copper foil from JX Nippon Mining & Metals. This product can be supplied as copper foil (TPC Foil, HA and HA-V2 Foil, HG Foil​) or surface treatment.

Foil Products

The company offers an ideal copper foil to meet all kinds of customer requirements, with a broad range of treated rolled copper foil measuring from 6 μm (under development) to 150 μm. The stability and flexibility of treated rolled copper foil means that it is desirable for FPC products, which need high reliability.

Table 1. Source: JX Nippon Mining & Metals

Grade Type Features Purity Thickness (µm)
150 105 70 35 18 12 9 6
High functionality HA-V2 (OFC) High flexibility
Low repulsive force
Ease of handling
Cu: At least 99.9%
High functionality HA (TPC) High flexibility
Low modulus of elasticity
Cu: At least 99.9%
High functionality HG (OFC) High flexibility
Circuit linearity
Soft-etching patterning property
Cu: At least 99.9%            
General TPC
(tough pitch copper)
General Cu: At least 99.9%        


Application Examples

Image Credit: JX Nippon Mining & Metals

Production Process

Image Credit: JX Nippon Mining & Metals

“BHM Treatment”: Copper Foil with Surface Treatment for Fine Pitch and High-Frequency Performance

Several types of surface treatments are available to address customer requirements.

  • Treatments are greatly analyzed corresponding with the needs for high frequency and fine patterning
  • A  range of rust-proofing treatments obtain excellent resistance to chemicals, heat and soldering
  • Fine and low roughness treatment achieves improved adhesion property to resin
  • The BHM presents high frequency and fine pitch (under L/S=25/25 μm) and better FPC reliability. It can also be employed with HA, HA-V2 and JXEFL.
  • BHM is a treatment that can be performed quick and obtain a high etching factor (EF)
  • BHM delivers high-frequency by lowering the number of magnetic metals and simultaneously retains good FPC reliability

Treated Rolled Copper Foil from JX Nippon

Treated Rolled Copper Foil from JX Nippon

Image Credit: JX Nippon Mining & Metals

Table 2. Source: JX Nippon Mining & Metals

Evaluation subject BHY-HA-V2 BHM-HA-V2
Peel Strength 1.3 N/mm 1.3 N/mm
Solder blister test
After 85 °C 85% RH for 48 hr,
Dipping 290 °C
for 60 sec
Undercut test
SPS 50 g/L
15 min dip

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