A New Standard of Rotary Evaporator with Ecodyst Hydrogen

Rotary evaporators, also known as rotovaps, have been a standard for several years in industries and laboratories that perform chemistry, for example, laboratories in the chemical, materials, pharmaceutical, life science, cannabis and environmental sectors.

Rotovaps are mainly used for solvent recycling, sample concentration, extractions and isolation of solvent mixtures.

Rotovaps incorporate a rotating motor, a heating fluid bath, an evaporating flask, a collection flask, a condenser and a vacuum source. Traditional rotovap condensers necessitate external sources of cooling materials like water, dry ice, glycol or liquid nitrogen. Glycol needs further recirculating chiller equipment, which is usually heavy, bulky and inefficient, mostly restricting their widespread use.

For several decades, traditional rotovaps have been environmentally damaging and unreliable, with inefficient vapor trapping, associated operational costs, health implications of frostbite and exposure to carbon dioxide gas from dry ice and dangerous solvent mixtures.

Ecodyst has used a proprietary and novel self-cooling technology to completely transform the rotovap, making it more efficient with a more compact footprint, greater output and lower operational cost than conventional methods. This novel technology has set new standards for rotary evaporators across the world.

Ecodyst’s proprietary, advanced smart self-cooling technology increases productivity and avoids downtime. Thanks to its refrigerated cooling condenser, the technology provides a paradigm shift and sets a new standard for cooling down specimens without using standard coolants, such as water, glycol or dry ice. This avoids wasting significant material sources linked to traditional rotovaps.

Ecodyst’s versatile hydrogen is energy-efficient, reliable, eco-friendly and sustainable. This modern rotovap also offers superior performance, reduces evaporation time, features a more compact footprint, is more cost-efficient to operate and has a wider cooling survey area. All these features allow researchers to pay attention to more challenging tasks.

Ecodyst Modern Rotovaps offer the following competitive advantages:

  • Intelligent self-cooling condenser
  • No need for an external chiller or dry ice
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compact footprint
  • Zero associated operational costs
  • Faster evaporation rates
  • Conserves water and avoids water bills
  • Condenser always available
  • Pays for itself within three to five years
  • High productivity levels

A New Standard of Rotary Evaporator with Ecodyst Hydrogen

Image Credit: Ecodyst

The modern rotovap is a comprehensive technology with the following key features:

  • Integrated condenser provides the needed cooling temperature
  • Remote function allows data transmission and PC control
  • Chemically resistant condenser coils with a wider surface area
  • Rotation speed and cooling/heating temperatures are digitally displayed, thereby enabling optimal control of all distillation procedures
  • Speed ranges varying from 20 to 280 rpm and interval operation in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions are available for the drying process
  • A 5-L heating bath is provided with a wide temperature range from room temperature to 180 °C; water/oil heating mode can be modified with a switch
  • Ejection mechanism enables the easy removal of the evaporating flask
  • Automatic motor lift carries the evaporating flask to a safe position when a power failure occurs
  • Highly chemical-resistant double stainless steel spring sealing ring sealed with PTFE provides an excellent sealing performance
  • Overheating protection temperature of 220 °C

A New Standard of Rotary Evaporator with Ecodyst Hydrogen

Image Credit: Ecodyst

Technical Data of Ecodyst Hydrogen


The Ecodyst rotovap features a voltage range of 100–120 V or 200–240 V and a frequency of 50/60 Hz.

Hydrogen Cooling Capacity

Table 1. Source: Ecodyst

90 oF Ambient Air Temp  
Evap Temp Evap Temp Ecodyst 1H Condenser
(oF) (oC) Btu/hr
+/- 5%
+/- 5%
Power Consumption
(W) +/- 5%
-40 -40 620 182 220
-30 -35 835 245 259
-20 -30 1116 327 300
-15 -25 1458 427 343
-10 -20 1857 544 388
5 -15 2322 680 434
10 -12 2844 833 482


Specifications of Rotovap Components

Table 2. Source: Ecodyst

Specifications Ecodyst 1H Rotovap
Motor Type Brushless DC motor
Speed Range 20-280 rpm
Display LCD (speed/temp/time)
Clockwise and Anti-clockwise Yes
Heating Temperature Range Room temp. to 180 ℃
Control Accuracy water: ±1 ℃ oil: ±3 ℃
Heating Power 1300 W
Stroke Displacement automatic 150 mm
Timer Yes
Time Setting Range 1-999 min
Permissible Ambient Temperature 5-40 ℃
Permissible Relative Humidity 80% RH
Protection Class IP20
Protection class IP21
USB Interface Yes
Voltage/Frequency 100-120/200-240 V 50/60 Hz
Power 1400 W

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