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Multi-Sensor Technology and Hybrid Metrology for MEMS and Foundries

The FormFactor FRT's MicroProf® FS is a completely automated wafer metrology tool that can be configured for an extensive range of applications in the wafer foundry. This makes use of both standard and tailored solutions.

Versatility and flexibility are crucial when it comes to metrology solutions for existing silicon foundry applications. MicroProf® FS offers a modular method to make a completely automated multi-sensor tool that can resolve all needed measurement tasks. That is why it is named the Foundry Star.


  • Standardized hardware components combined in customer-specific metrology solutions
  • Completely automated hybrid metrology and multi-sensor technology setup for MEMS and Foundries
  • Ability to handle various substrate types
  • Tailored for an extensive range of applications in the Wafer Foundry
  • Strong in-house software for completely automated 2D and 3D surface metrology

Thanks to its core metrology component, the proven FRT MicroProf® 300 multi-sensor metrology tool is utilized to enable the measurement of various products.

By utilizing a hybrid metrology concept, it improves the accuracy of measurements on samples where a single sensor or measuring principle is just not sufficient. The measurement system of the MicroProf® FS has been fitted with a granite base setup, with a three-point sample fixture or a vacuum chuck.

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