High-Precision Optical Surface Inspection for Semiconductor Applications

The FormFactor FRT's MicroProf® DI optical inspection tool allows inspection of structured and unstructured wafers during the complete manufacturing process. By integrating metrology and 2D inspection, the MicroProf® DI offers measurement solutions for a range of applications, such as defect inspection and wafer-level metrology for micro-bumps, RDL, overlay, and through silicon via (TSV) an individual measuring tool.


  • Metrology and inspection integrated flexibly in a single completely automated platform
  • Defect inspection with single-shot module, step camera and microscope station
  • Highly precise inspection of optical surface can be performed for semiconductor applications
  • Availability of dark-field micro-inspection and bright-field macro-inspection
  • Rapid and trustworthy inspection of defects down to sub-micrometer range

The MicroProf® DI includes various modules that can be integrated flexibly on the same tool platform. This covers all wafer surfaces at high throughput for effective process control.

The modules consist of optical inspection and classification of defects through single-shot and step camera module, review of defects through a high-precision microscope and extensive multi-sensor metrology with various topography and layer thickness sensors.

Interferometric layer thickness sensors along with an infrared light source and an IR microscope are also available for the optical, non-contact and non-destructive analysis of hidden structures and inclusions present in the wafer.

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