OneView LD Camera for Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) Measurements

The OneView LD Camera for Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) Measurements from Gatan ensures high-resolution and low-distortion images for quantitative spatial measurements on the TEM.


OneView® LD is the first camera that ensures high-resolution, low-distortion (LD) images for quantitative spatial measurements on the transmission electron microscope (TEM). While each TEM adds up to the distortion as a result of the electron optics, extra distortions from the camera will also offer insecurity in quantified measurements throughout the field of view (FOV).

  • Low-distortion measurements across entire FOV: Reduces camera-based distortions throughout the large field of view (4096 × 4096 pixels)
  • Shorter time to qualify: Low camera distortion provides a higher margin to obtain total distortion specification for normal TEM qualification
  • Full resolution at video frame rates (25 full fps): There is no necessity to compromise resolution for speed, a “live” experience at complete resolution is always provided
  • 4D STEM applications, including strain mapping: Allows high-speed 4D STEM diffraction on cameras having the same Gatan Microscopy Suite® interface

Drift correction conpensates for Ge nanowire sample motion.

Drift correction compensates for Ge nanowire sample motion. Images were captured from a Ge nanowire specimen using the OneView camera, with drift correction on and off. Collecting high-quality images of these specimens without drift correction is very challenging as samples change and move under the electron beam. Sample: Ge nanowire; beam energy: 300 kV; image size: 4k × 4k; exposure: 1 second; number of frames: 25; drift correction: no (left) and yes (right). Image Credit: Sample courtesy of Dr. Ann Marshall, Stanford University

A quick demo on simulation of sample drift on TEM column:

Rock the Column

Rock the column. With the OneView camera, always have a “live” experience when you capture 16 MP still images and videos on your transmission electron microscope (TEM). At 25 frames per second (fps) you can capture sharp images when you eliminate sample drift caused by environmental, mechanical, and thermal sources. As frames are summed together, a proprietary drift correction algorithm aligns each frame to build a single image. This video shows the simulation of sample drift by physically pushing back and forth on the TEM column during image acquisition. Video Credit: Gatan Inc.

Imaging on an angle with TruAlign:

TruAlign - Imaging on an angle

TruAlign—Imaging on an angle. Manually rotate sample while live viewing in Gatan Microscopy Suite® (GMS) 3: At tenths of a degree at a time. Align quickly to a known feature: Simply draw a line for reference and orient your sample image with a click. Capture final image during acquisition: Consistent data analysis with no additional time spent on image processing. Video Credit: Gatan Inc.

Demonstrating In-situ Explorer based on MoSx sample by using OneView Camera:

Acquisition of MoSx based sample using In-Situ Explorer

Acquisition of MoSx-based sample using In-Situ Explorer. Demonstrates how the In-Situ Explorer plug-in for GMS 3 can simultaneously acquire images using the OneView camera while controlling in-situ temperature conditions using the DENSsolutions Wildfire S3 system. Video Credit: MoSx sample courtesy of M. Zhukovskyi, Notre Dame.

Illustration of nanoparticles by using Cs corrected 300 kV ETEM:

Environmental TEM: Fast is beautiful

Environmental TEM: Fast is beautiful. This webinar will illustrate some recent results obtained, mainly in the field of nanoparticles in the context of catalysis, using a dedicated Cs-corrected 300 kV ETEM at CLYM ( in Lyon, France. Video Credit: Thierry EPICIER, University of Lyon

Practical approaches for in-situ and environmental transmission electron microscopy:

Gatan Webinar: Practical approaches to in-situ & environmental TEM

Webinar: Practical approaches for in-situ and environmental transmission electron microscopy. During this webinar, Dr. Ai Leen Koh will speak about how in-situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM) concerns the examination of dynamic events in a sample under a controlled, externally applied stimulation. Video Credit: Gatan Inc.

OneView LD Camera for Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) Measurements

DEPICTION OF Ge Nanowire by using OneView Camera (with drift correction on and off)”

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