Belsorp Max II to Measure Surface Area and Pore Size Distribution

The BELSORP MAX II is a versatile analyzer that quantifies specific surface area or pore size distribution, chemisorption and vapor adsorption.

The BELSORP MAX II enables extensive surface characterization like micropore analysis by quantifying adsorption isotherms from extremely low pressure, or hydrophobicity/hydrophilicity through water vapor adsorption.

  • Highest throughput as a result of simultaneous measurement of up to four samples
  • The advanced GDO function allows optimum gas dosing
  • High-precision vapor adsorption measurement can be done under strict temperature control
  • An advanced system of direct evacuation and intelligent valve control considerably reduces measurement time
  • The most appropriate measurement conditions are automatically set depending on the user’s stored adsorption isotherm data
  • High accuracy thanks to Advanced Free Space Measurement (AFSMTM)
  • Sophisticated GCMC technique enables execution of highly accurate and higher resolution PSD analysis, taking into account the interaction of actual material surface and adsorbate molecules, compared to the conventional NLDFT (approx. calculation) technique
  • Availability of automatic LN2 supply and a dedicated heater allows completely automatic consistent process control from pre-treatment to measurement
  • The measurement process status and the results can be checked by remote monitoring function based on an email system
Surface Area & Pore Size Distribution Analyzer BELSORP MAX II - Short introduction - Microtrac MRB

Video Credit: Microtrac MRB

Measurement Software

Belsorp Max II to Measure Vapor Adsorption and Chemisorption

Image Credit: Microtrac MRB

Measurement Examples

Belsorp Max II to Measure Vapor Adsorption and Chemisorption

Image Credit: Microtrac MRB

Typical Applications

  • Catalysts
  • Battery materials
  • Carbon
  • Medicine or pharmaceuticals
  • Cement
  • Cosmetics
  • Toner particles
  • Ceramics
  • Pigments
  • Semi-conductor (CMP)
  • Adsorbent

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