Thorough Catalyst Evaluation with the Belcat II

BELCAT II is a fully-automated catalyst analyzer that was specifically developed based on the experience and technology of the well-established and popular BELCAT series.

BELCAT II is the preferred catalyst analyzer for scientists in the respective fields and allows extensive catalyst evaluation with the help of the following techniques:

  • Pulse chemisorption
  • BET single point measurement
  • Temperature programmed desorption (TPD)
  • Temperature programmed oxidation (TPO)
  • Temperature programmed reaction (TPReaction)
  • Temperature programmed reduction (TPR)

Typical Applications

  • Acidity study of cracking catalyst by pyridine TPD or ammonia
  • Basicity study of solid base catalyst
  • Determination of maximum preparation conditions of catalyst
  • Metal dispersion rate evaluation of exhaust gas catalyst or fuel cell electrode catalyst
  • A catalytic reaction study can be performed

Utilized in numerous fields, including fibers, battery materials, catalysts, fuel cells, polymer materials, cement, ceramics, pigments, magnetic material and separation membrane.

Product Advantages

  • Compact footprint
  • Inexpensive
  • The pulse loop with temperature or pressure sensor allows for highly reproducible results
  • A variety of options to fulfill customer requirements
  • Precise automatic gas injection system available for calibration
  • Accurate gas control by three high-performance mass flow controllers
  • With the standard gas mixing equipment, mixed gases (O2/He, H2/Ar, etc...) are not essential

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