Personal Synthesis Station with the Radleys Carousel 12 Plus Reaction Station

Radley’s patented Carousel 12 Plus is an efficient personal synthesis station that has been specifically developed for parallel solution-phase chemistry and solid-assisted reagent-based synthesis. It has the potential to concurrently heat, cool, stir and reflux up to 12 glass tubes with a reaction volume from 1 ml to 20 ml while being subjected to an inert atmosphere.

Carousel 12 Plus systems essentially have everything that users may need to perform syntheses all in one convenient, easy-to-order system. A range of glassware and accessories are also available.

Key Features

  • Powerful, even stirring in all 12 reaction tubes
  • Aluminum heated base improves heat transfer and provides energy savings
  • Efficient refluxing
  • Precise temperature control ±1 ˚C
  • Removable aluminum, reflux/inerting head, providing maximum flexibility
  • 12 reaction tubes (reaction volume of 1 ml to 20 ml)
  • Viewing slots for the easy viewing of tube contents
  • Insulating PTFE plate for improved heating and energy efficiency
  • Carousel stirring hotplate
  • Chemical-resistant fluoropolymer coating makes the surface easy to clean, minimizing the effects of chemical attacks
  • Quick-release water couplings to prevent leaks
  • Easy-on PTFE caps
  • Central vacuum/gas distribution
  • Compact
  • Optional cooling reservoir for cooling to -78 ˚C

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When we talk about experiments for route scouting or optimisation, we refer to it as ‘doing a carousel’. That is a reflection of how much it has positively changed our ways of working.

Toxicological Testing Process Chemist, Lundbeck

Did you know? The Carousel principle for uniform stirring of multiple reactions

Video Credit: Radleys

Personal Synthesis Station with the Radleys Carousel 12 Plus Reaction Station

Heat, cool, stir and reflux multiple samples.
Easily view tube contents.
Chemical-resistant fluoropolymer coating.
Insulating plate improves heating and energy efficiency.

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