Testometric X250-3 AT Materials Testing Machine

AT small footprint single column materials testing machine with one metre stroke. Tee slotted column allows easy addition of accessories.

Machine Features

  • Integral PC system running full universal windows software with industry standard and customer specific test methods pre-installed. Touch screen display with active tester control panel and readout screen showing real time test curves calculated results and statistics. Height adjustable and fully articulated.
  • Optional full colour printer system mounted on universal position swivel arm.
  • Fully digital testing system with high precision control and accuracy, includes automated computer control of test methods giving simplicity of operation.
  • Small footprint design, giving economy of bench and floor space.
  • High efficiency pre-loaded self cleaning ballscrews for fast, quiet testing. Fitted with sealed for life lubricated end bearings.
  • Crosshead guidance system providing precise alignment and smooth running.
  • Precision crosshead control via digital AC servo drive and brushless servo motor giving maintenance free operation and 4,000,000 steps per revolution positional control.
  • High speed data collection systems for up to 4 synchronous channels.
  • 6 I/O channels for additional devices such as extensometers, micrometers, callipers, balances etc.
  • High stiffness loading frames with solid specialised steel crossheads and rigid extruded support columns with T-slots for accessory mounting.
  • Overload, overtravel and impact protection.
  • Telescopic covers giving additional protection for ballscrews against dust and testing debris.
  • Extensive range of grips and fixtures for tension, compression, flexural, shear, peel and product testing etc.
  • A wide range of contacting and non-contacting extensometers is available including laser and video models.

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