DrySyn OCTO Position Reaction Station

The DrySyn OCTO 8 Position Reaction Station is part of the advanced DrySyn range from the Asynt chemists and offers an inert atmosphere, reflux, strong magnetic stirring and heating — all within a small footprint.

This innovative design has been unbelievably beneficial for working volumes ranging up to 6 mL and has been designed to enable the use of affordable reaction tubes to save as much as possible on consumables for the laboratory.

While being ideal for eight parallel reactions, users can use up to three DrySyn OCTO Reaction Stations on one standard magnetic hotplate stirrer, thus enabling up to 24 parallel reactions.


  • Compact size
  • Strong magnetic stirring
  • Eight parallel positions
  • The large glass area of the tubes enables air condensing and gentle reflux conditions
  • Additions or sampling can be created while under inert conditions
  • The unit uses affordable and easily replaceable consumable septums
  • Functions with any hotplate stirrer
  • Gas-tight closure allows inert atmospheres to be utilized
  • Working volume is 5 to 6 mL per tube
  • Heated area inside the DrySyn insert: 4 mL volume
  • Enables use of affordable consumable reaction tubes
  • Up to three DrySyn Octo units can be utilized collectively on one magnetic hotplate stirrer enabling 24 parallel reactions to be executed in a very small space

Kits/Components Available:


  • DrySyn OCTO Reaction Station only (single unit, caps and septa are not included)

ADS19-A DrySyn OCTO Starter Kit:

  • DrySyn OCTO Reaction Station
  • 10 x stirrer bars
  • 10 x Kimax tubes
  • 10 x caps and septums

ADS19-KIT DrySyn OCTO Kit:

  • 1 DrySyn OCTO Reaction Station (single unit)
  • 100 x caps and septums
  • 10 x stirring bars
  • 24 x Kimax tubes

ADS19-TUBES (pack of 24 tubes)

ADS19-SEPTUM (Pack of 100 PTFE faced septum)

ADS19-CAP (Pack of 100 caps)

ADS19-Base (DrySyn UNO Single Position base)

ADS19-STIR (Pack of 10 magnetic stirrer bars)

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