ZEISS Sigma: Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

The ZEISS Sigma range of field emission scanning electron microscopes from Carl Zeiss has been specifically developed to provide users entry to the world of high-end imaging: It offers high-quality imaging and advanced analytical microscopy.

Collectively, several advantages have been gained by the combination of field emission SEM technology with advanced analytics. Researchers profit from Gemini 1 electron optics. Users can image nanostructures, surfaces and particles by selecting from a range of detectors.

Time is saved by a semi-automated four-step workflow. Therefore, users’ analysis and imaging routines can be carried performed with improved productivity.

  • ZEISS Sigma 300 excels when it comes to price and performance
  • Researchers can utilize ZEISS Sigma 500 to perform elemental analysis rapidly and conveniently with best-in-class EDS geometry

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