Kepler™ Vertical Probe Card

KeplerTM is a vertical probe card solution for pad testing with large active areas and high parallelism. The Kepler product offers the best test solution in the industry for devices that require a small pad size, fine pitch and broad temperature range.

These capabilities are critical for testing SoC wire bond devices in automotive, high-performance microcontrollers (MCU), and driver chips, as well as a variety of other applications.

Kepler™ Vertical Probe Card

Image Credit: FRT Metrology

By enhancing parallelism and multiplying the number of devices tested concurrently while complying with stringent electrical and thermal-mechanical requirements, Kepler allows customers to reduce test costs. High parallelism solutions are required as semiconductor manufacturers keep reducing overall test costs, resulting in larger active area probing.

Many unique probing challenges are presented by large active probing areas coupled with high temperature ranges, which can be solved using Kepler’s unique architecture.

For probing pad applications, the new Kepler vertical MEMS probe technology provides a thermally and mechanically stable platform. The architecture offers good contact stability with superior planarity control over a greater active area thanks to its unique high-precision/low-force 2D vertical springs.

Kepler is a service-friendly probe card architecture that allows individual springs or probe card components to be replaced in the field, cutting down on repair time.

Kepler was designed for high probe count multi-DUT testing in high-volume manufacturing environments, with the goal of lowering overall test costs while increasing yields.

Key Features

  • Completely automated Spring Head assembly
  • Proprietary fine pitch, low force vertical 2D MEMS springs
  • Multi-Layer Ceramic (MLC) space transformer
  • Full planarity/tilt adjustment capability
  • Flexible probe head configuration to support different array sizes, device layouts and pad pitch requirements
  • Service friendly architecture — field replaceable springs and components

Kepler Key Benefits

  • Excellent XYZ tip position performance
  • Thermally stable vertical spring architecture to support a broad temperature range of automotive test requirements
  • Tight pad pitch, core pads and multiple pad rows
  • Stable electrical performance — low, stable CRES
  • Probe on small pads with less pad damage
  • Enhance parallelism to reduce the cost of tests
  • Fast on-site repair to increase uptime

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