Quantum Computing with the HPD IQ3000

The HPD IQ3000 is a high-precision completely automated probe station for 150 mm and 200 mm substrates in a 4 K environment. To accelerate the commercialization of quantum and superconducting computers, the company gives chip designers the tools they need to interpolate on their designs intelligently.

The IQ3000 includes configurable DC and RF cabling, as well as custom probe cards for maximum test configuration flexibility.

An advanced design with integrated magnetic shielding ensures the most stable environmental conditions for the most sensitive superconducting devices, guaranteeing the highest quality data. High throughput testing and unattended operation are possible, thanks to completely automated wafer loading and the advanced Velox software suite.

This system combines FormFactor’s longstanding probing knowledge and years of highly accurate cryogenic experience to move superconducting device testing and measurement from the lab to the fab.

The applications include superconducting chip development, quantum computing and quantum information science

Quantum Computing with the HPD IQ3000

Image Credit: FRT Metrology

Quantum Computing with the HPD IQ3000

Image Credit: FRT Metrology

Key Features

Environmental Control

  • Magnetic field suppression to <200 nT
  • Wafer temperature verified <4.5 K (with 44 RF probes in contact)
  • Accurate thermal stability and control
  • High uniformity in wafer temperature
  • Solid construction with a granite base allows precision motion and vibration control


  • Configurable for either 150 mm or 200 mm wafers
  • Effortless exchange of customizable probe cards
  • Up to 520 DC lines
  • Up to 56 RF coax (up to 18 GHz)


  • Complete software suite for manual, semi-auto or fully automated probing
  • Options available for wholly automated wafer load or manual

Time to Data

  • ~15-minute cooldown time per wafer
  • 25 wafer cassette capacity for wholly automated testing
  • Rigid motion stack for fast settling time
  • High speed motion stages for rapid die-to-die movement

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