Cobots — Collaborative Robots and Optical 3D Measuring Sensors

A collaborative six-axis robot and an optical 3D measuring sensor make up a cobot, which offers high-resolution, reproducible and traceable measurements in manufacturing. The IF-SensorR25 is included with every Bruker Alicona Cobot. The mechanical base of the IF-SensorR25 can also be adjusted depending on the measurement task and the component to be tested,

Cobots are utilized in almost every aspect of precision manufacturing. They are now most often utilized in the aerospace, tooling, and automotive industries. No matter the application, Cobots, which were created for effective and incredibly user-friendly measurement automation, are “all-rounders” in quality assurance.

  • Modular application and positioning options, e.g., directly next to the machine tool to measure the tool as well as the workpiece directly inside the machine (measuring without unclamping)
  • Optimum integration into existing production lines by means of hand-held, intuitive teach-in process, automatic evaluation and safety concept without protective housing
  • No programming or metrology knowledge necessary for handling, programming and measuring the taught-in measurement series
  • High-resolution, optical and repeatable measurement of smallest geometries on large components
  • Easy teach-in of up to 500 measuring positions, including CAD CAM connection
  • Automatic measurement of surface, GD&T features, defects and more

Image Credit: Bruker Alicona

Image Credit: Bruker Alicona

Image Credit: Bruker Alicona

Applications and Benefits in the Aerospace Industry

  • Measurement of defects and roughness for MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul)
  • Turbine blades, casings, discs, and fan blades are all optically measured
  • Up to 70% savings in terms of time as opposed to replica measurements
  • Checking the break edge to make sure it complies with safety rules

Applications and Advantages for the Tool Industry

  • Simple serial measurement implementation that makes full use of the measuring system
  • Determining the smallest geometries and surface characteristics on big tools (e.g., saw blade, hob, broach)
  • Measuring the roughness of cutting edges, including edge radii, edge breaks, and flaws
  • Direct internal measurement without unclamping the machine tool

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