Enhance your Formulation and Optimize the Curing with the CurinScan® Expert

CurinScan allows the monitoring of nanoscale mobility during the curing and drying process. Thanks to the Nanoscale Mobility Analysis (NMA), it identifies the drying & curing mechanisms (evaporation, packing, hardening...) and the characteristic times (Open time, dry-surface, drythrough...). The
measurement is in-situ, contactless, and works on any type of substrate (glass, metallic, paper, wood...) from RT up to 250 °C with humidity control up to 80%.


  • Paints, inks and coatings
  • Skincare & makeup
  • Electronics 

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  • In-situ & contactless
  • Sensitive to nm mobility
  • Surface & bulk measurement: allows for determining the surface dry and the dry-through. Also to analyze multilayer samples
  • Realistic experiment conditions: temperature range from RT - 250º C, humidity up to 80%, and with no sample thickness limitations.
  • Easy sampling: Place the substrate with the sample inside the instrument and start the measurement.
CurinScan | Curing and Drying Process Analyzer

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  • Objective and accurate monitoring of the curing/drying mechanisms
  • Determine the characteristic times and temperature of film formation
  • Analysis from RT up to 250º C with humidity control
  • Evaluate the influence of formula, temperature, humidity, substrate, and thickness
  • Optimize the formula and the production process

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Technology Nanoscale Mobility Analysis
Wavelength 658 nm
Applied thickness μm - mm
Temperature range RT - 250 ºC
Humidity range Up to 80%
Measurement time Minutes to days
Substrates Glass, metal, ceramic, polymer…
Sample nature Liquid, solid
Dimensions 585 x 704 x 434 mm
Weight 55 kg

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