CSI-153 Low Temperature Brittleness Tester from CSI

The CSI-153 Low Temperature Brittleness Tester is the most suitable apparatus used in the industry for the determination of the temperature at which plastics and elastomers exhibit brittle failure due to controlled impact.


  • Insulated liquid media test bath, including a liquid media stirrer drive and baffle system.
  • The samples, mounted in a sample clamp, are immersed into this bath during the test.
  • The sample clamp can hold up to 20 samples for each test. A test selector switch on the operator console allows the operator to use 10, 20, and optionally 30 or 40 samples per test cycle.
  • The impactor is precisely controlled for geometry, speed and impact energy according to the test method referenced below.
  • A PID capable solid-state temperature controller is employed to allow the operator precise and rapid temperature stabilization and control.
  • Low temperature is achieved by the use of Liquid Nitrogen (customer provided) fed into the liquid media test bath. A cryogenic low temperature piping and valving system is used and is controlled to properly reach and maintain test temperature.

Other Equipment