Drop Weight Tear Impact Testing Machine from Torontech

The advanced and popular DWTT-API-30/40/50K series Drop Weight Tear Impact Testing Machines can test 10 samples consecutively, utilizing a user-friendly and automatic feeding and control system. By initiating the test process by the operator, the samples are automatically inserted via a manipulator from the low temperature chamber to the impact area, and then the test is carried out and the broken samples are being collected with a fully automatic cycle. DWTT-API-30/40/50K series system also can be operated manually, thus making it easy to maintain the machine and control the step by step test procedure.


Steel Pipe and medium thickness ferrite steel sheet production lines with requirements for drop weight tear test equipment. This is a fully automatic procedure consisting of feeding, testing, and fractured sample collecting. With multi channel protection system, this unit represents the highest security and safety features while in operation.

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