elan2™ Liquid Nitrogen Generators from MMR Technologies

The Elan2 series of liquid Nitrogen generators offers pure, consistent, on-demand liquid Nitrogen at a touch of a button by extracting N2 direct from the surrounding air. The prerequisites are a well ventilated semi-clean environment and standard wall electricity to make one’s very own liquid Nitrogen directly in your office or laboratory.

Since the liquid Nitrogen generated has not been handled by industrial equipment and transport trucks, it is very pure making it suitable for clean rooms and medical applications. MMR Technologies offers two liquid nitrogen generators – the ELan2 Auto Transfer system and the Elan2 Office Station.

In the elan2-Office liquid nitrogen generator, the liquid nitrogen is generated from the air. This is stored in an inner 1.0L reservoir to enable easy supplying of LN2 by just pressing a button. Sprayers or dispensing thermos can be quickly filled with it.

With the volume produced, it is possible to fill one or two liquid nitrogen sprayer bottles depending on size. A security system is provided to make sure that only authorized personnel can transfer the LN2 safely into special RFID tagged containers.

In the elan2 Auto Transfer liquid nitrogen generator, the liquid nitrogen produced from the air is automatically and safely supplied into a 20L storage tank. As there is more liquid nitrogen stored in this device, it can be used for higher volume applications.

The elan2 Office is designed to shut down automatically when the external tank becomes full, thus preventing overflowing. A similar security system is fitted in this device as well to make sure that liquid nitrogen does not leave the device if the tank is not connected.

Key Features

The main features of the liquid nitrogen generators include:

  • Safe to use as the devices are provided with a security system
  • Easy to dispense liquid nitrogen
  • Automatic shut down to prevent overflow.

Other Equipment