Automated Thin Film Deposition Cluster System for Process Research - Nebula

The Nebula is Angstrom Engineering’s pinnacle of automation, engineering precision, and collaboration with you, our partner.

These integrated vacuum systems are designed specifically to meet your process and research needs, and are connected by a central robot that can handle multiple samples across each module, all while keeping vacuum.

The number and type of modules are chosen by you, and provide room for future expansion potential. Each module can be engineered to meet your technological and application requirements using proven components and sub-assemblies. Our goal is to deliver a robust, engineered system backed by our world renowned customer support.

Substrate Size: 200mm x 200mm substrates can be easily accommodated and the modules can be designed for use with larger substrates if desired.

AERES Integrated Software: You have the ability to create and control recipes across every process parameter, including:

  • Pre-deposition - wafer preparation, source ramp-up, and stabilization
  • Layer control - thickness, rate, shuttering, and source idling
  • Stage control - heating, cooling, rotation, angle and biasing
  • Gas and pressure - pressure stability and precise gas delivery
  • Automation - press start and leave the system to do everything

Throughput: Will depend on process duration and complexity.  However, the AERES integrated software platform optimizes layer to layer transitions to drastically reduce overall process time.

Module Options

  • Multiple vacuum deposition modules are available for PVD, CVD, and ALD
  • Substrate cleaning and preparation using plasma or ion beam sources can be integrated into any process module
  • Substrate and mask storage cassette chambers can accommodate 25 or more sample trays as needed
  • Support for multiple PVD (physical vapor deposition) processes as well as ALD (atomic layer deposition), and CVD (chemical vapor deposition) integration
  • Distribution modules using SCARA robots are sized to meet your needs
  • Glovebox environments can be integrated to one or more modules

Standard Key Features

  • AERES integrated control software comes standard and boasts the ability to create and control recipes across the entire process, from pre-deposition, through layer control (including unprecedented low-rate stability), stage control, gas and pressure control, and automation
  • Custom designed to meet your process requirements
  • Multi-user on-site training included with every system
  • Our detailed training manual teaches new users how to operate and maintain the equipment
  • User safety is held paramount with features such as cutting power to sources when the chamber is open
  • Angstrom’s renowned service.  We back up our products.
  • 8 hour response guarantee:  If you call or email, we will respond within 8 hours so that you can get the support you need

Optional Features

  • Glove box integration
  • Aluminum or stainless steel chamber options
  • International input voltages available
  • High-vacuum or ultra-high-vacuum configurations
  • Heated, cooled and biased stages
  • Planetary and dome fixturing
  • Load locks and semi to fully automated substrate and mask handling
  • Roll to roll processing
  • Variable angle stages for creation of complex nano-structures and coatings for imagery
  • Further customization is available.  When speaking with our applications engineering team, discuss all requirements with them.

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User Testimonials

The level of service and connectivity to their customers, answering your emails any time of day, and helping you trouble shoot from afar is above and beyond what I had ever seen before.  That interaction is what has made me a die-hard customer from here on out.

Dr. Casey Smith – Texas State University

We are exceptionally pleased with the two systems we bought from Angstrom and, based on our experience and what I hear from the community, we have made precisely the best decision.

Dr. Luke Brzozowski – University of Toronto


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