The MultiTest 25-i offers an all-inclusive and powerful twin-column tensile test system for increased capacity force measurements up to 25kN. The instrument comprises Emperor software, which ensures excellent programming features and a broad selection of analysis options and the instrument also provides unparalleled tensile testing.

The system is integrated with Mecmisin's superior performance loadcells (ILC), facilitating excellent accuracy and high resolution.

The technical specifications of the MultiTest 25-i are:

  • Maximum load of 25,000N (5500 lbf)
  • Compression tester and tension testing
  • Space to fit a sample of 1140mm (44.9") *
  • Load resolution of 1:6500
  • Crosshead movement up to 950mm (37.4") *
  • Weight 140kg (309lb)
  • 400mm (15.7") clearance between columns
  • 10 different loadcell capacities from 50N to 25kN (11 - 5500lbf)
  • Loadcell accuracy of
    �0.1% of full scale from 2 to 2500N
    �0.2% of full scale from 5000 to 25,000N
  • Speed range of
    1 - 1000mm/min (0.04 - 39.4"/min) up to 10kN
    1 - 500mm/min (0.04 - 20"/min) above 10kN

*measured without grips or load cell or grips

The major benefits of the MultiTest 25-i are:

  • Complete control over tensile test programs and analysis
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Calculations performed at the 'touch of a button'
  • Auto-load cell configuration or recognition
  • Run to displacement, load, break or time detection
  • IP splash proof membrane control panel

The applications of the Multi-Test 25-i are:

  • Textile tension test
  • Dumbell tension test

Customer Testimonial

Upgrading our standard test method with a Mecmesin-i tester was one of the best decisions we made recently. Not only did the new testing machine allow us to utilize the replaced equipment for other projects, but it also improved the reliability of the test, and the reproducibility of test results.

Mecmesin’s sales team provided us with all the information needed to make the decision to buy the right testing machine.

Marcin Kujawski, Research and Quality Manager, Concrete Canvas Ltd.

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